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TELEFANTE at Biennal of Cuenca / Ecuador

Telefante in Cuenca

La tecnología somos nosotrxs

Sala Proceso, CCE Azuay, Cuenca, Ecuador 15th March until May 25th 2018.

TELEFANTE – known as a collective which I began 2005 with Juan Orozco – by doing video performances in often collaborative improvisation-based works – has been invited to participate at the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Cuenca Ecuador at the Group-Exhibition La Tecnologia somos nosostrxs curated by Pedro Soler and production from Tatiana Avendaño.

This Exhibition propose and presents different artistic positions that deals with a another strategies of using technologies occupying for example the space of an Autonomy of formality and imagination, the use of lo and hi-tech … In this case is the audiovisual TELEFANTE connects different geographies through the encounter of old technologies with contemporaries in paper box.


“We need to decolonise and heal our technologies. Healing is resistance.”  Tabita Rezaire