Mexico – Tour with Live Cinema Improvisation Project : Unstumm

being invited to join the Unstumm Project in Mexiko – conversation between sound and image – I am preparing to turn on the magic engines of another derivation of Telefante

Telefante ? – but what is it ?

on writing about Telefante >

Publication at KHM Journal #10

KHM Journal #10

on Bifurcations, Combinatorial Thinking and Space Production

Since 2005 I have been working with the colombian artist – Juan Orozco as Telefante, exploring with the language of live cinema, the improvisation and the speculative in medial spectacles by appropriating a a kind of (new)media archeology.

The following lines are a re creation of texts that I wrote live in three audiovisual improvisations done in Tokyo , Seoul and Kuala Lumpur between the 13th and 27th of February 2018 creating a collage of thoughts around the unknown, the speculative and the production of knowledge:

>> you are invited to download the lines as PDF from here

Bienal de Arte Contemporaneo Cuenca / Ecuador

La tecnología somos nosotrxs

Sala Proceso, CCE Azuay, Cuenca, Ecuador 15th March until May 25th 2018.


Si para definir nuestra especie nos atuviésemos estrictamente a lo que la historia y la prehistoria nos presentan como característica constante del hombre y de la inteligencia, no hablaríamos del hombre como Homo sapiens, sino como Homo faber. Henri Bergson

TELEFANTE / en un principio conocido como un colectivo que comencé desde del 2005 con Juan Orozco realizando presentaciones de videos performáticas con un instrumento especial desarrolado para hacer momentos interminables de re-combinaciones visuales con materiuales de desecho, y buscando momentos de improvisacion en la realización de numerosas cooperaciones con musicos, actores y los mas disitintos espacios alrededor del mundo. Ahora nos invitaron para particpar en la Bienal de Arte Contemporanea de Cuenca Ecuador sendo parte de la muestra colectiva La Tecnologia somos nosostrxs, la cual fue curada Pedro Soler y Tatiana Avendaño.

El proyecto La tecnología somos nosotrxs busca re­situar la relación entre Homo faber y el mundo, saliendo de la narrativa colonial y inventando, o redescubriendo, otros imaginarios y practicas.

“El humano es el animal que fabrica herramientas (faber), que emplea la tecnología –no es el único en la tierra, pero si el más prolífico–, mientras que el pensamiento (sapiens) es una capacidad de muchos seres, incluso vegetales. Por esa razón, autores como Hannah Arendt o Henri Bergson consideran el nombre Homo faber más apropiado que Homo Sapiens para la especie. Hoy, lo que durante milenios fue de bien común o magia natural, se ha desequilibrado, convirtiéndose en una máquina voraz que está acabando con la diversidad cultural y biológica de nuestro planeta. Frente a este nuevo colonialismo, el arte propone estrategias de subversión: otros usos de la tecnología que apuntan a espacios de autonomía imaginativa y formal, a la hi/low tech, al ancestrofuturismo y a la colectividad como relación y relato.”

La instalación audiovisual TELEFANTE, de Juan Orozco y Luis Negroón, conecta tiempos y geografías diferentes a través del encuentro de tecnologías antiguas y contemporáneas en una caja de cartón

The Longue Duree

Intermedia-Performance with das mollsche gesetz, telefante & Anthony Moore zu Fernand Braudels Text “The Mediterranian in the Ancient World”.

Düsseldorf: Donnerstag 10. September, 20:30 Uhr
Filmwerkstatt /Frischzelle @ düsseldorf festival 2015),
Birkenstraße 47, 40233 Düsseldorf – Eintritt 6/12€

Cologne:  11th September, 20:30 Uhr
Kunsthochschule für Medien, Filzengraben 2, 50676 Köln
- Eintritt frei !

TELEFANTE – Luis Negron van Grieken & Juan Orozco (live video manipulation)
das mollsche gesetz – Sebastian Gramss (double bass), Udo Moll (trumpet, electronics), Matthias Muche (trombone)
Anthony Moore (speaker)

Künstlerische Leitung: Matthias Muche 


[FOTO] Torsten Schneider

Partner: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf, düsseldorf festival
Gefördert von: Kunststiftung NRW und dem Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen

The Longue Dureé


2015, 2016

Initiated by the reknown german improvising trio „das mollsche gesetz“ in collaboration with Anthony Moore and visual artist group „telefante, „the longue duree“ draws its material as well as its inspiration from Fernand Braudels unique text „the mediterranean in the ancient world“.

Braudels very poetic description of a remarkable virtual time-travel from prehistory to the ancient world serves as a starting point for this captivating audiovisual performance.
Video installation, music and text connect themselves to different layers of time and tempo and refer, each in their discrete materiality, directly to Braudel’s theory of a 3-layer history.

Das mollsche gesetz : Udo Moll (Trompets & Electronics), Mathias Muche (Trombon), Sebastian Gramms (Double Bass).
Anthony Moore (Voice)
Luis Negrón van Grieken, Juan Orozco Velasquez (Live Video Manipulation)

Performances in Academy of Media Arts Cologne and at 16/12/2016 at the FESTIVAL NUIT D’HIVER #14 in FRICHE LA BELLE DE MAI, Marseille-France with the friendly support of Goethe Institut France

candens lilium


“Medieval instruments and monastic singing form a touching conclusion and at the same time the highlight of the concert series. Together with the Venezuelan light artist Luis Negrón van Grieken, whose entirely material and visible art is always aimed at the invisible, psychic, the traverse flutist Norbert Rodenkirchen and the singers Sabine Lutzenberger and Lydia Brotherton open contemplative spaces. Visitors will experience transcendent sounds and artistic lighting installations by a great artist.”
Curated by Benedict Hecht und Georg Dietzler
Sabine Lutzenberger, Voice. Lydia Brotherto, Voice. Norvert Rodenkirchen, Old Flute, Arph. 
Luis Negrón van Grieken – Light / Space

ocultar – disfrazar – disimular

Video – Performance


“One hides what you do not want it to be seen, one conceals the obvious, one disguises himself what he wants to be perceived as something other that what it is. To hide by silence, conceals actions, disguised by words. It is revealed by behaviour, or in the speech. Arguably dissimulation is a lie in action…”

In a 45 minute performance the whole space of mapa teatro is converted into a encyclopedical flow of references without any logic of order and accumulation and interference becomes the protagonist of a journey through TELEFANTE’s archive from the last years.
October the 4th, 2012, Mapa Teatro, Bogotá Colombia.
Sound: Andres Jurado

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{ñ} an oracle-based composition for a(n) (empty) page




{ñ} is a video concert divided in three parts each one subdivided in different sections which propose to rewrite (in a poetic and metaphorical way) „Diderot & D‘Alambert‘s Encyclopedia“ written in the XVII century and which is one of the most important works of French enlightenment.
{ñ} is located at the intersection of two couples of concepts. The first one related to an intimate approach: photography as selection and also as experimental activity (the laboratory). The second more public related to theater and phantasmagoria.
{ñ} wants to works mainly with the more than 2000 plates that accompany the Encyclopedia. We believe that the plates/illustrations are not mere supplement to the written explanations, but an important and outstanding part of the whole project of the Encyclopedia.