public sign in Ebertplatz

Space sign in Ebertplatz.

Using the words FOR, YOU, OUR, WE, YOU, GET, OUR, WE, FEAR ? I re write the image Der_Deutsche_Ring_Cologne_1900-1024×734.jpg and printed in Ebertplatz. Cortesy of Störer. OPEN CALL UNSER EBERTPLATZ, STADT KÖLN

public poster

Ego / Circular Spaces at Hinterhof 24 – Cologne

With this exhibition project, the duo CocoLippo, Julia-Lena Lippoldt and Luis Negrón van Grieken, install their works in process, site-specific and space spanning. A juxtaposition in which the works enter into a dialogue by means of a gesture, intertwining, transforming and expanding. Aspects of space as well as the complexity of conversation as confrontation emerge, addressing themes of authorship, fragility, and the gaze of the other(s). The starting point is our working methods: video, sound and installation. We talk about our relationship to each other as a pair of artists as well as relational, political constructions. With a 3D camera we will document the space for a 3D computer simulation, creating a VR world. (Translated with (free version))

Mit diesem Ausstellungsprojekt installiert das Duo CocoLippo, Julia-Lena Lippoldt und Luis Negrón van Grieken, ihre Werke im Prozess, ortsspezifisch und raumübergreifend. Eine Gegenüberstellung, in der die Arbeiten mittels einer Geste in einen Dialog treten, sich ineinander verflechten, sich transformieren und erweitern. Aspekte des Raumes sowie die Komplexität der Konversation als Konfrontation tauchen dabei auf und sprechen Themen wie Autorenschaft, Fragilität und den Blick des/r anderen an. Den Ausgangspunkt bilden unsere Arbeitsmethoden: Video, Klang und Installation. Wir erzählen über unsere Beziehung zueinander als Künstlerpaar als auch über relationale, politische Konstruktionen. Mit einer 3D-Kamera werden wir den Raum für einen 3D-Computersimulation dokumentieren und damit eine VR-Welt kreieren.

virtual show at AWA Cultura in Caracas – Venezuela

symposium NEXT Imaginar el (post)presente

Next: imaginar el postpresente // imagine the post-present

When Albert Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge” he was recognizing in the imagination the possibility of making new connections, developing new concepts and innovating ways of approaching reality. His idea that “Knowledge is limited, imagination envelops the world” allows us to investigate the current crisis without appealing to nostalgia or closing ourselves to the excessive. Our time is the post-present: a becoming of instants without certainties or future promises. Immersed in its inexhaustible flow we are called to recognize in the imagination a path to deal with our humanity in crisis. Philosophy, art and technology will do the same in this five-session meeting.

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>See (T)Raum. Hacia una memoria especulativa

Luis Negrón van Grieken
(T)Raum. Hacia una memoria especulativa

Video digital. Stills.
2020, Cologne, Alemania.

Soft Inauguration Thursday the 3th December of 2020

10 am (Venezuela)/ 4 pm (Europe)

Plataforma: Zoom UCAB, redes Telefónica y canal Instagram

Memoria fantasma // Phantom memory

Digital technology added to the fleeting nature of contemporary experiences has transformed the relationship between human beings and memory. Not only because memory has expanded around the body in an infinite number of electronic devices, but also because memories travel blurry through space and, like electronic ghosts, suddenly return to the interfaces of our technological extensions. For art and philosophy memory continues to generate dilemmas, for technology it poses challenges. This fifth edition will discuss memory in the post-present and its relationship to 21st century digital artifacts.

Marianne Hoffmeister Castro. Chile

Sonia Rojas López. Colombia

Luis Negrón Grieken. Venezuela/Alemania 

Vasco Szinetar. Venezuela

Sebastián Llovera. Venezuela

Mexico – Tour with Live Cinema Improvisation Project : Unstumm

being invited to join the Unstumm Project in Mexiko – conversation between sound and image – I am preparing to turn on the magic engines of another derivation of Telefante

Telefante ? – but what is it ?

on writing about Telefante >

Live-Cinema sessions in Tokyo, Seoul and Kuala-Lumpur

Conversation of Moving Image and Sound

Photo Credits to MasafumiTsuji

UnStumm is a project for improvised film and music (Echtzeitfilm) for cross-disciplinary and crosscultural collaboration between filmmakers, video artists and musicians from Germany and other countries. The project is organized and curated by video artist Claudia Schmitz and guitarist/soundartist Nicola L. Hein.

It aims to create an environment of cultural and creative exchange, where a common complex artistic language is invented and used to communicate narratives, textures, colliding, combining, attracting worlds of sight and sound. The group of eight artists will work together in two different groups for three days to create an audiovisual performance that explores multidisciplinary improvisation as well as structure and narrative. The resulting artworks reflect on the themes of interculturality, cultural identity, cross cultural communication, the history of artistic thought (in different cultures) and many other philosophical topoi. The concert encompasses two Echtzeit-movies, which are improvised by a group alongside a conceptual composition that has been worked out during the rehearsals. Every group presents a piece that is in between 40-50 minutes long.


Axel Dörner
Luis Negrón van Grieken
Claudia Schmitz
Nicola L. Hein
Toshimaru Nakamura
Tetsuzi Akiyama
Akiko Nakayama
Harata Atsushi

Tokyo : De-Luxe

Seoul: Insa Gallerie

Kuala Lumpur – [toccata Studio] – [Goethe Institute Malaysia ]




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Special Thanks go to: Masafumi Tsuji, Takafumi Tsuji​