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Participating on Bienal de Imagen en Movimiento 2020, Buenos Aires with Strange object of observation as part of

Bienal de Imagen en Movimiento Buenos Aires 2020 realized a collective art project called mirarnos a los ojos (volver a), in which I could participate with a few of my live-cinema pieces

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Objeto extraño de observación #01 / copyright Luis Negrón van Grieken 2020

I understood my participation in Mirarnos a los ojos (return to) as a meta-dialogue between the very different contributions with other colleagues. At the same time I found an opportunity to generate an introspective look towards my current process with the audiovisual involving improvisation with materials that surround me, in combination with texts and sounds in real time generating an automatic writing gesture. As a result, pieces were created that reveal the rhizomatic character of cooperation at a distance. With this kind of accumulation I search for the multiplicity of a discourse without a center, but with the energy of the uncertainty from which the concept of life is fed.

Luis Negrón to BIM 2020

mirarnos a los ojos (volver a) is a collective audiovisual project, a universe of videos created during the time of pandemic by artists from different corners of the world. The project displays a broad diversity of poetic approaches; pieces that are simple, sensitive and reflective put together in dialogue with each other through a platform especially designed for this project. 

from Bienal de Imagen en Movimiento